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('Miyuki' means 'Beauty & Luck' in Japanese.)
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I'm a graduate student studying Quantum Field Theory and Particle Physics at University of Tokyo, Japan.

(04/26/2004) Call for PD admission University/Adviser(s)
My PhD. Thesis (submitted) is titled ``Natural beauty of the standard model -A derivation of the electro-weak unified and quantum-gravity theory without assuming a Higgs particle-''. Any opinion is welcome.
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(03/19) Please hear me and visit the Peace-Petition cites 1, 2 !
It is all sad that citizens of our great friend U.S., where the Nobel Laureate Prof. Steven Weinberg and many other respectable scientists live, ever die or kill other people. I can't believe yesterday's news of 48 hours limit and 70% of U.S. citizens agree with the war. It must be a lie, for I know many people against the war. I met many U.S. physicists in SCGT02 for the first time, all of them are openhearted and largehearted.
(07/22)  What's MUSES-C? (Note: This is not directly related to my research, but we have the common word 'MU'.)
News(04/01): I met Steven Weinberg!
I am lucky enough to join the one-year studying-abroad program at the expense of the government. I planned to go to Texas, where the great Nobel prize winner professor Steven Weinberg lives. It has long been my dream to attend the seminar on particle physics with him. So, I am very pleased that my dream comes true. Today I first met him at his office in the University of Texas at Austin. He was very kind a man and not only signed his name on the textbook I handed in him, but also showed me around Texas after the seminar. Texas is a big research city surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers and inhabited with many species of wild lives. I asked him how he discovered the greatest principles of the world and he answered they were Columbus' eggs, but that some talent needed to see things just as they are. He said that he liked Japanese dishes and was going to visit Japan this year. Thus we walked together along the riverside of Frio River talking about physics all the time, regardless of the sunset. Finally, he gave me a few hints on my future research. It was only a day's date with him, but I most enjoyed today's experience. Thank you!
Recent News(03/17) I was lucky enough to attend the International Forum Comemorating the Centennial of the Nobel Prize on 16 March, 2002. The lectures by international professors and prize winners themselves are my best treasure in life. Now there is also a related exhibition in Japan.
(A sequel: It was already finished, but the Nobel web site is very informative.)
My Research Interests ・・・>'Quantum Gravity with minimal Assumptions'-Online Archive.
   NEW(08/01) Transparency 'Alternative to Higgs and Unification'
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